The Pancake Challenge

Sharla & I did The Pancake Challenge and although some of them looked quite disastrous, they tasted really good!

Here is our recipe for vegan gluten-free pancakes!


  • 240g Gluten Free Pancake/Waffle mix (whole bag)











I got this at the National Azabu Supermarket (website)

  • 25g of almond milk (or milk of your choice)












  • 20g of vegan butter (I also bought this at the National Azabu Supermarket)












  • 3 eggs (2 tsp of egg replacer + 2 tbsp of water= 1 whole egg)

I got the egg replacer at Nissin (website)













  1. mix all ingredients together
  2. pour some batter on a non stick pan over medium heat, cook on each side
  3. optional: try to make pancake art and screw them up











They tasted so good and the mixture was already sweet and coconutty.. we didn’t need any toppings or maple syrup!

Or maybe we were just too hungry to properly prepare them!


Vegan Bean Lettuce Wraps & Broccoli Salad (& corn!)



Lettuce wraps are my thing. This is my go-to meal whenever I want something fast and healthy (& tasty!)

The burgers take some time to make but you can make a whole bunch and freeze them individually after to eat whenever!

or also you could just buy organic vegan bean burgers to save you some time if you don’t want to make these homemade

Bean Lettuce Wraps


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Vegan Chili Bowl Recipe


I made this chili the other night and it is probably one of my favourite things that I have ever made! It’s so healthy, tasty, and filling.. not the kind of filling where you’re full then hungry again an hour later.. girllll this will feel you up for a while! and it’s that feel good full too, not the feeling sick/tired full, if you know what I mean. This recipe is vegan & gluten free by the way! ps- On my computer as I typed up this blog chili kept autocorrecting to child and I giggled to myself as I read over this post.. “enjoy your child”, “I made this child the other night”, so if I missed one of those I’m not a cannibal, just know that..haha..anyways…

Alright let’s start cooking!


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Vegan Mushroom Soup


I’ve been feeling a bit run down lately with a sore throat, tiredness..like a cold is setting on, I think you know the feeling.

I was in need of some good, comforting, hot, soothing soup- and that is just what I made last night! I tried something new that I’ve never made before, a mushroom soup!

I just love mushrooms, and it turned out absolutely delicious, I had to share my recipe with you!! It’s gluten-free & vegan by the way~




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