New Nails! Cheek Nails! チークネイル!




I did my nails yesterday finally, it’s been so long since I’ve gotten a proper manicure and gel nails. Of course I had to do some cute nail art, because when in Tokyo! I’ve seen a lot of girls wear this design I went for, and it’s kind of trending in Tokyo now.. it’s called “Cheek Nails”, in Japanese チークネイル! This is because it looks like your nails are blushing!

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My New Nails 新しいネイル♡*

Hey こんにちはhello

The other day I finally did my nails. I haven’t done them in so long because they needed a break. A while ago in Hong Kong I got them done at a random place.. a cheap place..too good to be true place. After I was having these nails removed at another salon, it turns out the material they used at the cheap salon was not real gel.. (fake gel?).. it took like an hour to get off and a lot of filing (which is the worst feeling ever!).. and left me with thin fragile nails. After that I had to let them breath and I always take some time once in a while to give my nails a break with no gel nails on them so that they can get stronger.




This time~ I did ‘Love Moon’ nails


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