Rose Nails (✿╹◡╹)


❀Hey Everyone!❀
I decided to do my nails today! I have seen photos of many pretty rose nails recently, so I was inspired to try it myself ☺
I did it using a hair pin haha! I’ll show you how below…
First choose your nail polish colours. I chose the base of my nails to be light purple (RMK), Light Pink (OPI), and a Medium Pink (OPI). The roses will be done with the light and medium pink (depending on which base colour) and the outline is done in the darkest pink. I used the blue for the rose petals. Also, get some hair pins ready!
First I painted my nails with 2 coats..
Now paint some blobs.. they don’t have to be perfect, as roses are not perfectly symmetrical
Get your hairpins and unbend them so that they are straight
Get your nail polish ready
Paint some curvy lines around the outside of the rose, dot the centre, and paint some curves around the center with your darkest colour with a hair pin
Now paint some leaves with the hair pin
Add designs to the other nails (if you don’t want all roses). I chose to do polk-a-dots, also using the hair pin.
Finished! Here is my finished left and right hand, I chose not to have them match ;P
Try it yourself!! ✌

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