Valentine’s Day Nails ♡



Valentine’s Day is coming up and to go with the theme I decided to do some nail art!

These are gel nails, the 3D parts are made with acrylic powder and then painted. Whenever I go to a salon I always draw up my ideas first so I can get my thoughts out of my head and onto paper so I can see how it looks



I’ve been loving rose gold/copper lately so I wanted to include that colour into my design this time. Two other colours good for Valentine’s day and that go with copper are pink and white I think. So those are the 3 colours I went for!

Those little hearts on the tips of the nails are really popular in Japan right now and I love the way they look! Drawing around the outside of your nail is also trading now. I also wanted to do some hearts with sayings on them, kind of like the vintage heart candies I have in my recent youtube video (lip tutorial).

They turned out like this




Just what I was hoping for and what I imagined! I love them!

Have a great Sunday! 

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