Evil Blood Doll Makeup


To create this look I used the following products..

For skin


1. I started with foundation by mixing my usual foundation (bars Sheer Glow in Light 1) with a white foundation stick.

2. I set it with Makeup Forever HD Loose Powder

3. I added some grey eye shadow just under my cheek bones to create a sunken, dead look.

For eyebrows


1. I used the brow shadow from Paul & Joe followed by

2.The benefit eyebrow gel in Light/Medium

I drew the inner arch slightly high to give a worried look


For eyes..



1. I mixed some colours from the Urban Decay naked3 Palette and

2. La Duree Marveilllous Blush in 101

for the eyeshadow around my eyes and the veins drawn around my face

3. I lined my eyes with black liner

4. Mascara- Lancome Virtous Precious Cells


4. applied false lashes to the bottom (Diamond Lash) and top (Barbie style 03- cut individually) lashes.

For Lips


1. mac Lip Liner in




I applied fake blood under my eyes, and under my nose like a nosebleed.



Lastly I stuck in these huge 22mm red contact lens that I got at Uniqso.com

I recommend sticking them in first to save your makeup.. because it took me a good 15 minutes to get them in and a lot of tears. It’s easiest to pull down your bottom eyelid first and stick that part of the lens in, followed by the top lens.

IMG_7993They arrived in their box with a special special case (included)

you store the lens in that case with some lens cleanser (can keep up to 6 months) <– opps I used my black lens again a year later >.< I threw that one away now!






And that’s it!

The final look..



Happy Halloween!


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