Lizzie Velasquez

Yesterday I watched a documentary that really touched my heat and inspired me, and I’m still thinking about it now today so I wanted to share it with you.





Her name is Lizzie Velasquez and her movie is called A Brave Heart – The Lizzie Velasquez Story. I rented it on iTunes, you can also find it on vimeo, google demand, and amazon. Here is the trailer:


Lizzie was born with a rare congenital disease that doesn’t allow her to gain weight. This resulted in her getting bullied at school and over the internet. Actually I remember seeing the video labelling her as “The World’s Ugliest Woman” a little while ago come across my faceboook feed and I remember feeling so disgusted and disappointed with humanity. However, instead of listening to them or giving up, she just got stronger and used this to motivate the world. I am not nearly as strong as she is, and when most people would crumble, Lizzie just keeps moving forward and lives her life the happiest she can. She started a youtube channel and continues to make motivational speeches around the world as an activist against bullying.




If you have time to watch it, please do. She has an amazing message and she is doing incredible things. Her strength, courage, and confidence in herself inspires me to be a stronger and better person.

Remember to be kind to everyone, you don’t know what they are going through. Always think before you speak, because words hurt. Be happy, live your life to the fullest and just worry about yourself instead of trying to take down others. Stay positive & stay happy!

Lizzie’s Website:

Lizzie’s Youtube:

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