Fall Bedroom Interior

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I recently changed my bedroom interior for the fall season!

It went from this..



to this..



First I changed my bed from a summery pastel pink to a neutral white. Then I added some accent cushion in warm colours (orange and deep purple). Dark greens, reds, warm yellows.. basically all the colours of leaves work well. I also added a knitted blanket and a furry rug. I love my new bed area..it feels so warm and cozy and fall-like.. I just want to cozy up in it and drink hot chocolate and watch movies ^.^



The pillows and blanket are form Zara home. The stuffed animals are form Isetan. The rug is from Ikea. The white bed sheets, tray, mug, and spoon are form Franc Franc.

Oh I also put little lights on my window and my bed headboard, those are form Ikea!

I then did a few DIYs and changed up my dressers with the things I made, such as candles and pumpkins.

You can see how I made these in my other posts.




These yellow/orange flowers are so creepy cool. They’re called Pincushion Flowers and they originated in Africa. When I saw them I just had to but them.



When they open they’re supposed to look like this..

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 12.19.13 PM


I bought the stick ones from Franc Franc then the fresh flowers from a little shop in Aoyama and arranged them.

The vase is from Zara Home.





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