H&M Studio AW15 Collection Event

Yesterday the H&M Studio AW15 collection event was held at the Shinjuku store.


I previously went to H&M’s showroom to pick out something to wear to the party from their new collection. I have to saw I love all the fall clothes they have right now and the ones coming later for winter!!


I decided to wear this


super cute shorts with a little beading details that sparkles a bit when it catches the light with a comfy brown oversized sweater (available ins stores now) and brown over the knee boots. Before the event I was editing my new youtube video and I didn’t have much time to get ready (plus it was raining!) so I just left my hair air dry after my shower and I didn’t brush it to go for a more undone natural wavy look. My makeup was my new fall makeup I’ve been wearing! You can see all about it here.

alright let’s get into the party…

It was on all the floors of their shop, so after we arrived and took press photos we could go discover each floor to shop, try to food, or play games.


I checked out the clothes and took another photo of my outfit in better lighting..


The food was so interesting!!


First I tried this jelly thing..


First I ate the jelly then I squeeze the liquid into my mouth. It was sweet and refreshing!

Then I tried these red bull with some sort of berry inside jelly. It was also yummy!


Next there was some cold soups


and couscous


Really interesting presentation right? I love it!

I grabbed one of each thing, then I took some Photo Booth photos with my manager then we went to a more quiet area to eat.


I didn’t stay too long because I just kept thinking about my new video and I really wanted to come home and finish it for you. So I did just that!

Thank you H&M! It was really fun and I love your new collection! I’m looking forward to dressing in your cozy, trendy, fashionable clothes for the coming fall/winter!

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