Making Healthy Choices When You’re Not the Cook


Good morning! I just returned to Hong Kong after a very nice and relaxing vacation at home (Canada). I’m still jet-lagged (I woke up at 6am again ughhhh!), so I am taking this perfect opportunity of having nothing to do to blog! :)

Whenever I go home I always have a full schedule of lunches, dinners, desserts, and coffees with either friends or family..I feel like I’m constantly stuffing my face like the chipmunk in the above picture!

First thing on my list–> Tim Horton’s! It’s a coffee chain in Canada :) But to my surprise a size medium now looks like a size large, it was huge!! The portion sizes in North America are way too big!

969548_528054727244079_2104542594_nBBQing at my Dad’s house.. I don’t eat pork, I was just helping :P

So how do I maintain my weight when things are a bit out of my control at restaurants or people’s houses?

If you talk to anyone in my family they will tell you they hate when it is my turn to order at a restaurant because I take forever and basically change the whole menu around.

I will usually order a salad as either a starter or a main dish. I always ask them to hold the cheese (because I don’t like cheese and it also saves the extra fat) and any red meat (I don’t eat red meat). I also ask to change the salad dressing (if it comes with one that is high in fat), and I ask for the dressing on the side. There is often way too much salad dressing added to the salad when the restaurant mixes it themselves, this will add so much extra calories to a healthy salad. When the dressing comes on the side  I simply just dip each bit of salad into the dressing (a little bit). Try it! You’ll be surprised to see how little dressing you use/ really need!

I also really like soups! Choose vegetable soups or ones that aren’t cream based for lower calories and fat. The soup is hot and this will help you to feel more full.

For my main I usually choose a fish, seafood or a tofu dish. I always ask them to steam or grill it if possible. If they do need to fry it I ask them for as little oil as possible. I also ask for the sauce on the side to dip instead of on top for the same reason as the salad dressing.

I’m a sweets girl, so instead of a starch on the side (potato, rice, pasta, etc), I’d rather order vegetables on the side and save my calories for my dessert.


Other tips:
-Drink lots of water, this will help fill you up.
-Eat something high in fibre, this will help to fill you up and prevent overindulgence.
-Eat a protein-filled snack. Protein takes longer to digest so you won’t be starving right before your meal.
-Steer clear of the deep fried, fatty, sugary, and salty foods.
-Always ask the restaurant to use no/little oil when cooking.
-If you don’t have much choice and even the vegetables look oily, choose the vegetables it will still be higher in vitamins and nutrients and less calories then the other dishes.
-If you know you’re going to have a big meal at dinner, eat a lighter breakfast and lunch.
-Eat slowly. Your brain needs time to know you are full. If you eat too fast, chances are you will overeat.
-Fill half your plate with veggies.
-Take smaller portions
-Don’t drink the sugary drinks. This adds a lot of extra calories. Choose water or diet soft drinks.



I went swimming at my Grandma’s and went for runs with my sister :)

It all comes down to making the right choices. You control what you look like and your diet doesn’t have to suffer when you are dining out!
♥ Taylor

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