Exercise/ Energy Expenditure Basics


To maintain your body weight you Input (food) must equal your output (basic metabolism, digestion & activity).
If one is higher than the other you will either gain or loose weight.
Components of energy expenditure (how your body burns energy/calories):

Source: http://correct-weight-loss.net/2009/04/13/correct-weight-loss-lecture-3-how-weight-is-loss-correctly/
By looking at the above chart, your basal metabolism burns the most calories, so it is important to keep that fast (females burn about 1200 calories and men about 1700 just for regular daily life)! It gets slower as you age, or if you go on an extreme calorie reducing diet.
How to make it faster:
-Body composition: the higher fat free mass you have (or more muscle) = faster metabolism
-Climate: >30⁰c for sweating = increase in metabolism (So the hot and humid weather in Hong Kong is good for something!)
               <25⁰c for cold induced thermogenesis (Great! The freezing, air-conditioned malls that I’m at so often are helping me to increase my metabolism!)
-Hormonal State: hypo- or hyper- thyroidism (get your thyroid checked if you have a family history!)
-Caffiene, nicotine, amphetamines- will increase your metabolism (but don’t go crazy on this because it obviously they have other health side effects)
-Diseases/ sickness – raise your BMR, you need more calories to fight off sicknesses.
Ok.. so if you increase your muscle mass, stand outside in hot Hong Kong weather, then inside the freezing malls, you should be in a good state!
The next thing you can do is burn calories by exercising!
As you can see, it takes a long time and quite a lot of effort to burn substantial calories. This is why a good diet is so important!
My current exercise:
  • As a model I have to run around the city all day with my map, meeting potential clients
  • I go to the gym at least 4 times a week. I like to run and lift weight there or do some of the classes such as pilates or yoga.
  • I also like sports such as, swimming, basketball, & dancing :)


To calculate how many calories you should consume you can find out your BMR, and then use the Harris Benedict equation.. this website will walk you through it:
Get out there and burn some calories!!
♥Taylor R

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