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Vlog | TV Tokyo Dance Show Shooting (テレビ東京「紺野、今から踊るってよ」の撮影)

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Halloween Room Inspiration & DIY Decor

Halloween is in 4 days..wow that came so fast! Recently I added some Halloween decorations to my room. Some that I made myself, and some that I didn’t.






First I made these spooky jars



Then these bloody doll curtain ties


I also carved some super easy and quick pumpkins



and made some eyeball flowers


you can see how to make everything in this video:



Also, many of you have been asking about how to do my Evil Doll makeup that was at the end of the video


I was thinking about making a video, but I did this makeup last year and then again this year, so I think it might be boring to do it again in a video. I bought another pair of lenses, so I’m thinking of doing another kind of Halloween makeup video.

So I’ll just explain to you here how I did this look…

First, I mixed my foundation with white foundation (or you could use white face paint). I got this white foundation at a cosplay shop in Akihabara, my regular foundation is from Nars (Nars Sheer Glow Foundation)


I then set it with the white loose powder (top left product) that I got at Tokyo Hands. One good thing about this makeup is you don’t need to worry about your dark circles or eye bags.. you don’t even need to use concealer because the eyeshadow will cover it all.. and actually they work in your favour in this case. ^.^ I used grey eyeshadow under my cheek bones to make my cheeks look more dead and hollow.

For eyes..


I first put red all over my eyes. I actually used blush instead of eyeshadow, because this one form La Duree (top left) is so pigmented. It’s the La Duree Les Merveilleuses Face Colour Duo 101. Then I used the black colour from my Makeup Forever Blue Sephia Palette. You could use any red eyeshadow or blush (or even red lipstick could work here!), and any black eyeshadow to achieve this look.

I then lined my upper eyes with black liquid liner and my lower eyes with Benefit Waterproof black pencil liner (my eyes teared a lot from the big lenses so the waterproof really helped save my makeup). Finally, I finished off my eyes with my fav Lancome Virtuose Precious Cells Mascara

Then I put in my HUGE lenses.


They are called the Phantasee Black Sclera Lens Sabretooth/Blackout/Black ($99.90) they are 22mm.

you can find them here: http://www.uniqso.com/phantasee-black-sclera-lens-sabretooth


You store them in the above container. Putting them in is rather difficult. Some tips that helped me was to really pinch the lens with clean fingers then pull down your bottom eyelid and put it in there, then pull your top eyelid and move it up with your fingers. When they are in they feel weird at first, but you get used to it. There are little clear holes in the middle so you can see.

For lips I wore my current fav Mac ‘Hang Up”


Then I added some blood under my eyes and around my lips/chin. You can buy fake blood at any costume shop. I got mine in the basement of La Foret, Harajuku. I also saw it in Tokyo Hands (much cheaper).


And that’s it! I hope this explains everything! If you have any more questions just leave a comment here or on my SNS!


Love Tay

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Critical Evaluation Document Topics

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How-to Publish a Writing Journal

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Lizzie Velasquez

Yesterday I watched a documentary that really touched my heat and inspired me, and I’m still thinking about it now today so I wanted to share it with you.


source: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/21-lessons-from-the-girl-branded-worlds-ugliest-woman-who-actually-amazingly-beautiful.html

source: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/21-lessons-from-the-girl-branded-worlds-ugliest-woman-who-actually-amazingly-beautiful.html


Her name is Lizzie Velasquez and her movie is called A Brave Heart – The Lizzie Velasquez Story. I rented it on iTunes, you can also find it on vimeo, google demand, and amazon. Here is the trailer:


Lizzie was born with a rare congenital disease that doesn’t allow her to gain weight. This resulted in her getting bullied at school and over the internet. Actually I remember seeing the video labelling her as “The World’s Ugliest Woman” a little while ago come across my faceboook feed and I remember feeling so disgusted and disappointed with humanity. However, instead of listening to them or giving up, she just got stronger and used this to motivate the world. I am not nearly as strong as she is, and when most people would crumble, Lizzie just keeps moving forward and lives her life the happiest she can. She started a youtube channel and continues to make motivational speeches around the world as an activist against bullying.


source: http://lybio.net/lizzie-velasquez-it-gets-better/people/


If you have time to watch it, please do. She has an amazing message and she is doing incredible things. Her strength, courage, and confidence in herself inspires me to be a stronger and better person.

Remember to be kind to everyone, you don’t know what they are going through. Always think before you speak, because words hurt. Be happy, live your life to the fullest and just worry about yourself instead of trying to take down others. Stay positive & stay happy!

Lizzie’s Website: http://imwithlizzie.com

Lizzie’s Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/lizzitachickita/videos

Lizzie’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LizzieVelasquez

Lizzie’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/littlelizziev

Lizzie’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/littlelizziev/


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Pet Halloween

This time of the year is one of my favourite times! Halloween is coming and I wanted to do something so that Rosie could also join in on the fun.

First we made homemade dog treats. You could make these all year round but I made them Halloween style with Halloween cookie cutters.



1. Peanut Butter & Pumpkin Dog Treats

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Vegan Stuffed Peppers



These are really really yummy! And some of you made them and tagged me and everyone’s turned out amazing!

My mom always made these for me when I was a kid, and they were one of my favourite meals, but she put pork in them so I changed up the recipe to make it healthier and meat-free!

This recipe is easy and healthy and so delicious

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Apple Pumpkin Soup

I loveeeee soup… pretty much all year round, but even more so now that it’s getting cooler.

It makes me feel so warm & cozy. If you’re trying to loose weight or maintain your weight soups are a great thing to eat. This is because (if you make it yourself) you can use healthy ingredients and control the salt/sugar. This plus is warm and liquid so it makes you feel full and satisfied faster. Something I like to do is make big batches of soup and keep it in the freezer in separated containers and take it out during lunches or dinners when I’m rushed or have nothing to eat (which is when I’d usually turn to junk food). So having soup ready on hand makes a great satisfying and healthy meal!


alright, let’s get into the recipe..


Apple Pumpkin Soup




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