Welcome To My New Website!

I’m so happy to have you here!! This website is a place for everything about me ~Taylor R~, and all you need to look great inside (nutrition & exercise) and outside (fashion, beauty, etc)!
I’ll keep this page updated with all my latest blogs, photos, info, and more so please check it often! You can also add your input in the forum section, and enjoy the chat room. I will hold live chats in the chat room sometimes where you can ask me your questions!
Feel free to look around & share! ^_~☆


Hello! I’m Rosie

 Hello! I’m Rosie! I’m a tiny teacup poodle (´0ω0`)

My birthday is April 19th, 2013

My favourite food is Royal Canine Junior (soaked in water so its soft)

I Weight 0.75 kg, I will grow a bit!!

Meeting my Mommy for the first time on October 4th, 2013

We instantly became best friends! ^.^

I love sleeping, its probably my favourite thing to do.

My current mood is happy! I’m always happy!

I’m shy & quiet when you first meet me, but when I know you I like to play!

This is my favourite toy, My Melody Toy

My mom is happy we can share hair bows!(´•.̫ • ⋈)

Watch me as I grow & explore my new home in Hong Kong! See you next time!

♥ Rosie


Creating the right Very first Internet page: Aspect II

Creating the right Very first Internet page: Aspect II

Very own or impersonal?

For me or maybe not in my experience?

One of the most frequently questioned issues by university students is ‘should I prefer ‘I’ in my writing articles?’ The answer will be that there is not any sole option. Some topics strongly encourage the application of ‘I’ while other people really frown about it or ‘ban’ it because it is shown to present a lack of objectivity. A whole lot more confusingly, at my experiences being a Noble Literary Other, even instructors instructing identical area will likely have totally different vistas regarding it. Continue reading


How exactly to Write Reply Essay Report, Analysis, and a Synopsis with Examples

Just 7 states still have disengagement of fondness laws on their books. But a Wife might still not be unable to prosecute her husbandis mistress, even when she does not Live-in one of these 7 states. Photograph: istockphoto. com/Pamela Moore Only 7 states still have departure of fondness regulations about the textbooks which enable a spouse (or man) to prosecute a third-party (male or female) for “willful and detrimental disturbance” within the couples relationship. These regulations not just permit her husbands mistress to be sued by a spouse, in addition they enable his wifes lover to be sued by a man. Continue reading