Before we start I just want to say that I am NOT saying everyone should be a vegetarian.. I myself am not (I just don’t eat red meat, but i do eat fish and seafood). I’m just pointing out the health benefits and things to look out for if you are, or partly are, a vegetarian.
Health Benefits of Vegetarianism:
Studies show that vegetarians have:

Making Healthy Choices When You’re Not the Cook


Good morning! I just returned to Hong Kong after a very nice and relaxing vacation at home (Canada). I’m still jet-lagged (I woke up at 6am again ughhhh!), so I am taking this perfect opportunity of having nothing to do to blog! :)

Whenever I go home I always have a full schedule of lunches, dinners, desserts, and coffees with either friends or family..I feel like I’m constantly stuffing my face like the chipmunk in the above picture!
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