Playstation「閃の軌跡」ゲームイベント The Legend of Heroes (閃之軌跡) Playstation Game Event


昨日香港で、「英雄伝説 閃の軌跡」のイベントに出席しました。「英雄伝説 閃の軌跡」は、既に日本で人気のゲームですよね。なんと、中国語版が近日香港で発売開始されるんです。

I attended < The Legend of Heroes  > game event yesterday in Hong Kong. It is a popular game in Japan that has been out for a year already, but the Chinese version is releasing in Hong Kong soon.



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私のコスメポーチのなかは?What’s in my Cosmetic Bag?



今、BeautyExchange.jpで “★BE GIRLS★ポーチのなかは?” の企画を行っています。



BeautyExchange.jp is doing a “What’s in my cosmetic bag?” campaign with their bloggers (click here for more blogger’s bags: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152137143373432.1073741828.325273203431&type=3 ) They have asked me what is in my bag?.. so I will share that with you now! This is what is always in my bag, my ‘must have’ makeup items..

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Sakura Hairstyle (桜ヘアスタイル)(櫻花髮型分享)





Right now it is Sakura season in Tokyo. You can see many Sakura-inspired things in food, drinks, and decorations. It is so beautiful and it inspired this hairstyle that I will teach you!


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Kate Somerville Launch Event in Hong Kong



Yesterday night I attended the Kate Somerville Hong Kong Launch Party. Kate herself was there! (pictured above). Her skin is so amazing! She is known as “Hollywood’s Secret” as she treats the skin top celebrities in LA! She is launching her products here in Hong Kong, which were all developed in her clinic, used by celebrities, and she swears by them to make your skin look the best ever!

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<來自星星的你> Jun Ji Hyun Inspired Makeup from 별에서온그대 (My Love From the Star) (韓国女優 チョン・ジヒョン風メイクアップ)


This tutorial is inspired by Jun Ji Hyun’s makeup in the Korean TV Drama 별에서온그대My Love From the Star. I know I don’t look like her.. I’m probably the furthest person away.. but anyone can apply her effortlessly pretty makeup to their own face!

這個妝容靈感來自韓國劇集《來自星星的你》當中全知賢的妝容。我知道我不像她,我的樣子應該跟她相差最遠吧…… 但大家都可以化得出這個毫不費力又漂亮的彩妝。


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Taylor R’s Paris Trip!


This is part 2 of my little Eurotrip during this Chinese New Year Holiday! This is Paris! Read on to see where I went, what I did, what  I ate and bought!..

I didn’t have much of a plan or schedule..  I always just like to go with the flow.. wake up, have breakfast & get ready then just walk. This is especially great in Paris because everywhere you look is beautiful! On the day I was here I would usually just pick an area, identify the must see landmarks and just head there, walk around, stop for chocolates or any nice food I’d see, and just keep walking, looking, and taking pictures.


Good morning Paris!

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DIY Valentine Cards



Valentine’s Day is coming (this Friday February 14th)! Do you have a gift for that special someone?

Sure, you can buy a card from a shop but making them is so much more personal and means more! This is how I make my Valentine cards..

You can make these for you boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, parents, grandparents, anyone you love to make them feel special on Valentines Day ♡

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Taylor R’s London Trip!

I finally got to enjoy and see Europe! I have been there before, but it was always for work and I never got to sight-see much.
This will be a 2 part blog to share with you 2 places I went over the Chinese New Year Holiday; 1. London and 2. Paris. I will tell all I did; What I saw, where I went, what I bought, what I ate, etc. I hope it will be interesting and useful for you in the future if you go there ♡



First stop ✈️ LONDON!

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Taylor R’s Slim Dinner Recipe #1


Last night I had some time so I decided to cook! Cooking at home is always better and healthier because you know exactly what ingredients you will be eating and you can limit the salt, fat and sugar added to your food.

This dinner recipe has 2 dishes: Butternut Squash Soup & Fresh Spring Rolls

I didn’t use any fat (no oil, butter or cream), no sugar.. just fresh, natural healthy ingredients. Perfect if you are trying to slim up!!

Ok let’s get cooking..

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Makeup for 40+ (Taylor’s R’s tricks on how to look 10 years younger)40歲以上女士的妝容(Taylor R 讓人看來年輕10歲的技巧)


This makeup tutorial is for those beautiful, wise, and elegant woman that are over 40 years old. As you age, your skin changes, therefore your makeup needs to change. There are certain tricks you could do, and things you should avoid. If done properly makeup can be used to enhance your beautiful features, and cover what you want to hide. Let me show you how!

今次的妝容教學是為 40歲以上、美麗睿智的高貴女士而設。當年齡增長,膚質改變,化妝也要改變。有些技巧可以使用,有些事情可以避免。使用適合的妝容可以提升你的美麗特徵,和遮蓋你想隱藏的東西。現在由我為你示範!35

My lovely model for this blog is my Mom! She is 53 years young, lives in Canada, eats a normal diet, and has had 4 kids! She was very brave to let me do this to her and take so many photos, she hates photos and she put up with me directing her (“chin down, eyes up, smile”) for an hour. I hope our efforts can help you and teach you a few things!


Ok let’s get started..好,現在開始。。。

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Christmas Angel Makeup ❅(As Seen in Dec Issue of Time Out Magazine)


Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 8.58.43 am

I recently gave some makeup styling tips to Time Out Magazine (special thanks to Arthur in Time Out). This makeup is youthful, innocent, bright, and fresh, with my signature wide eyes but in a softer way. I’ll show you more photos & more on how to do this look here..

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Taylor R x Cynbunny ☾ Sailor Scouts Transformation (美少女戰士變身)☆♪


Taylor R x Cynbunny ☾ Sailor Scouts Transformation (美少女戰士變身)☆♪

Cynthia and I asked our fans what they would like us to do for a crossover video and many of them suggested Sailor Venus & Sailor Mars! We both love Sailormoon so we jumped on this idea as soon as we could!

In this video we will show you a makeup tutorial on Sailor Venus makeup (me) & Sailor Mars makeup (Cynthia)

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Contact Lens Review! ~Royal Vision Macaron Brown~

Royal Vision Macaron
Colour: Brown (Puffy 3 tone)

BC.: 8.6

DIA: 14.5

Water content: 38%

Base Curve: 8.6

Duration: 1 year disposable

Made in Korea

What I think:

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My Travel Diary ~ UK November 2013

Hey Everybody!

I just got back from a fantastic trip to the UK! First off, I want to thank Jimmi Jamms for taking me there and having me represent their brand in the Boots stores for their Christmas events! I am so grateful for this opportunity! Thank you thank you!!

This is a photo diary of my very fast 4 day trip across the UK…

Just landed! Its 5:45pm in London and I'm so excited to be here for the first time!

Just landed! Its 5:45pm in London and I’m so excited to be here for the first time!

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My Dolls / Blythe Shopping in Hong Kong

I love Blythe dolls. They are so cute in a creepy kind of way!

This week (Monday November 11th, 2013) I went shopping for Blythes in Mong Kok, Hong Kong.
This is where I went and what I bought..

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DIY Dreamboard

I created my own dreamboard. What is a dreamboard? It’s a board of whatever you want it to be, things that inspire you, what you dream of, your goals, people & things you love, favourite quotes, photos, and anything else you like. It is something I look at to feel happy and thankful everyday for the life I have and the life I want to create.

Let me show you how to make it:

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Welcome To My New Website!

I’m so happy to have you here!! This website is a place for everything about me ~Taylor R~, and all you need to look great inside (nutrition & exercise) and outside (fashion, beauty, etc)!
I’ll keep this page updated with all my latest blogs, photos, info, and more so please check it often! You can also add your input in the forum section, and enjoy the chat room. I will hold live chats in the chat room sometimes where you can ask me your questions!
Feel free to look around & share! ^_~☆